TED Concepts POS System


A portable tablet based POS system that lets you and your staff complete the check out and payment process anywhere within your shop.
TED Concepts POS System portal tablet
TED Concepts POS System high end UI UX

High end system user interface and user experience fits the modern design concepts and gives your clients a professional image on your business.

Membership module allows your customers to become a loyal regular customers to your shop. Functions include membership point system, upgrading to different membership tiers after customers accumulate a specific amount of purchases.
TED Concepts POS System membership module
TED Concepts POS System promotion module

Promotion module allows you to create and distribute coupon codes to your customers so they can enjoy your promotion discount.

Booking module allows your customers to reserve time sessions with your provided services.
TED Concepts POS System booking module
TED Concepts POS System staff check in out module

Staff check in/out function allows you to measure and record the punctuality of your staff.

The system comes along with an online cloud based web panel that allows you to view and manage all POS data. Shop data are instantly synchronized to the cloud database so you can view a real time sales data anytime anywhere as long as you can access internet.
TED Concepts POS System admin panel
TED Concepts POS System report analysis
不同的系統數據分析報表包括銷售報表, 會計報表, 員工上/下班報表等。

Various kind of data report analysis including sales report, accounting report, staff check in/out recordings, etc.

Clients that are currently using our POS Service


An innovative sports and comprehensive leisure platform and the pioneer who introduce POOLSOCCER® to Hong Kong.


A five thousand square feet children's indoor playground.